Ch5-2 - vilchjovalso
Valso is a member of the Nova Nacion Military. He is interested in bringing Nova Nacio and Kalymnos closer together and healing the wounds of thier past relations. You first meet him through introduction; Ioannov makes you aquainted with him.

Later, when the Irvest Sector War breaks out, if you choose Nova Nacio, you can ask him what happened to his wish for better relations; he explains he hasn't given up hope... it will simply take more time.

Spoiler Alert

If you took Nova Nacio's side in the Irvest Sector War, you will encounter Valso again in part two when you return to scout the SMC for the Lugovalos threat. Lugovalos has been good to Nova Nacio, it seems. He doesn't provide much of a challange, as the SMC ships are only slightly upgraded since Lugovalos took over. Apparently, they only give very loyal subjects. access to Lugovalian Blueprints.