The Spohr is a prototype battleship created by Regeinland to test equipment for a new generation of ships. The test results from this ship was used to create the Praetorius, which bears a resemblence to the Spohr.

It is unknown if the ship ever saw mass usage. However, one did become the flagship of Dietrich Schneizer.

In-game description.Edit

Ship Stats.Edit

Class: Battleship

  • Anti-Air: 12
  • Anti-Ship:
  • Cruise Speed:
  • Battle Speed:
  • Mobility:
  • Armor:
  • Durability:
  • Attack Range: 17000
  • Crew Required: 1000
  • Crew Currently:
  • Customizable Weapons: 3/5: L,L,M
  • Module Space: 42 (8 bridge, 6 engine, 0 catapult)
  • Fighter Capacity: No
  • Special: -




  • In-game Ship Database.