Ch5-1 - bravasoneto
Brava Soneto is a young but talented engineer who Yuri encounters on the planet Hermeta in the Elgava system. Having become tired of her mundane engineering job and frustrated with the male-dominated culture of the profession, she leaves her engineering career to seek adventure and glory in the sea of stars. She is an "optional" character with no direct influence on the story, but her skills make her a valuable addition to Yuri's crew.
Brava Soneto

Database Summary

A rookie engineer and a member of the guild on the planet Hermeta. Brava has excellent navigation skills and is looking for a captain with a suitably high level of Fame.





Chapter 5 - Pay the Bartender at Hermeta Tavern 500g to unlock the guild. Head to the guild and pay 500g + 100g to hire, she also requires Yuri to have 3000+ Fame.



Soneto's natural beauty and outgoing personality earn her a great deal of often-unwanted male attention. She left her previous job as an engineer due to frequent advances, at times bordering on sexual harassment, from her male peers. As a result, she has learned to gracefully reject unwanted suitors, for instance, when an overconfident and somewhat intoxicated pilot propositions her in the tavern on Argos, she instead convinces him to provide artillery training to Yuri or Torlo.

Soneto has more dialogue and interaction with the main cast members than many of the other "optional" crew members, endearing herself well to Nia, Tatiana, and Kira.