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Melania Sabik

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Working as a barmaid on the planet Gorodok, Melania is a kind and dutiful young woman with a beautiful singing voice. The party discovers her during the events leading up to the attack on the Novgorod pirate base on the planet Medyn.

History (Contains spoilers)Edit

Melania is the young woman who serves Yuri and crew during their stay on Gorodok, during which Nia Lochlain cajoles Ian Fenevich and Yuri into a drinking game which culminates in their losing; the punishment for which is to dress up as women.

After a night of drunken antics, the party passes out for the night. Upon awakening, it is discovered that both Melania and Ian have been abducted. Inspection reveals that they were both kidnapped by the Novgorod Pirates operating out of Medyn,

After preparing the assault to retrieve their allies, the crew set out through the hazardous asteroid field and quickly locate Ian, who had been kidnapped due to his feminine appearance. Soon after, they continue onward and intercept the Pirate Captain Argun, leader of the pirates in that sector. A battle ensues which leaves Argun retreating and Yuri pursuing battling yet more pirates along the way, until they finally reach Medyn and its Pirate Base.

After battling waves of pirates, Yuri and company discover Argun's antechamber, where they discover that he has exhausted all avenues of escape and can no longer fight. The player is then given the choice to either spare the ruthless villain, or kill him for his crimes. Notably, Argun will try to bargain for his life, and if the player accepts even once, Melania will be murdered in Argun's attempt to betray Yuri's trust.


Melania can be later recruited by Yuri during the Yuri the Man arc, provided you murdered Argun and saved her.

Melania's afformentioned singing voice later becomes an asset as a crew member with the rare Angel Voice Skill.