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Cool & Calm Lv5

Space Warrior Lv2

Medic Lv2

HELP (GIRL) is an Easter egg character that may join your crew at nearly any point in the game, as long as Gavril Minas is in Yuri's party. She has no dialogue besides a few lines of introductory text, and she has no influence on the story.

HELP(GIRL) is unique in both her exceptional skills and her attributes. She joins the party with a high combat skill, and skills of one in everything else. In addition to her unmatched combat skill, she benefits from the Space Warrior LV2 ability, and if the player chooses to unlock her she arguably is the best option for chief of security, although if she is acquired late in the game it may not be worth the time it would take to bring her combat skills high enough to match those of Yuri's other crew members.

She also has Cool & Calm Lv5 and Medic Lv2, so she is useful in the second officer and controller roles as well.

Her eyes shoot laser beams and her arms end in razor sharp claws that can be charged with plasma arcs heated to over 9000 degrees kelvin. This is almost surely a reference to the "Over 9000" meme. Her overall design is likely a parody of "female battle robot" characters in anime and RPGs, such as Xenosaga's KOS-MOS.

She is built by Minas to replace the failed HELP robot.

Recruitment Edit

At any point in the game in which Gavril Minas is part of Yuri's crew, go to the HELP tab in the CTA and read every heading in the HELP window. When Yuri leaves HELP's room, a small cutscene will ensue in which the HELP robot reveals that he has reached the end of his operational lifetime and is beyond repair.

When Yuri later attempts to depart from the station at which this occurred, he will be pulled aside by Minas who wants to show him a "surprise". Minas will lead Yuri to his quarters, and reveal the new HELP(GIRL) robot that he built. Yuri, while somewhat taken aback, accepts the android into his crew.