Ch2-2 - gadinafull

Database Summary

The second in command of the Trump Mercenary Squadron, a group whose activities center mainly in and around Elgava. Along with Poplo, Gadina has been searching for a ship captain with a high level of Fame.





Chapter 2 - Lutsk Guild. You need 200 Fame and Costs 300g.


Ace Pilot Lv1 Marksman Lv1

Gadina is a mercenary encountered by Yuri early on in his adventure who he may hire to join his crew. The second-in-command of the well-known Trump Mercenary Squadron, Gadina is a skilled fighter pilot and a deadly melee combatant. She has a battle-hardened personality but occasionally shows friendliness and kindness to Yuri.

Other than unlocking a dialogue tree option in which she easily dispatches a prize fighter in a tavern in hand-to-hand combat, winning Yuri some money, Gadina has no bearing on the story and is an "optional" character. Despite this, she is an invaluable asset to Yuri's crew.