Fighters are a class of small spaceborne attack crafts that can be loaded on to ships that are labeled fighter "capacity". These take up one slot in a hanger per fighter. anything larger than the one slot are called mobile weapons. There are 4 mobile weapons, which include the Manovro, Kometo, Lanterno and Korekta, which can't be earned in the first playthrough of the game.


It is not an understatement that large numbers of fighters can deal considerable amounts of damage to a ship when left alone and fighters immobilise a foe so it is good to use them against quicker foes too.

When constructing a well-rounded fleet, it is important to consider fighters. A good fleet should have fighters for Anti Air. This can either be through Anti air defences on your ships, or through having some of your own fighters. AA guns are not recommended for mainly four reasons.

  • Fighters can be used to restrict the movement ability of enemy ships. This makes them incredibly useful as it allows a player to ensure as many of thier ships weapons are in range for maximum damage, whilst exploiting the range of the enemy's weapons.
  • If you are trapped by enemy fighters, launching your own can push back enemy fighters, allowing you to move. AA guns do not push back the enemy fighters.
  • AA guns take up valuable gun slots on your ships, considering that they're not very powerful, it is not a sensible choice.
  • AA guns unfortunately, cannot be used at the same time as dodge, leaving you susceptible to barrage attacks from the enemy while you are pinned down by enemy fighters.

The only major weakness of the fighter is that if the ship that they were launched from is destroyed, then the fighters go with it. This will often make carriers a top priorty target, often above battleships. In many cases, the carriers will be placed at the back of the fleet to protect against this. A solution is to use battleships with a catapult (gravity catapult not necessary) to launch the fighters. Use more than one of these battleships, and evenly distribute the number of fighters. The maximum fighter capacity in a fleet is 120, so a carrier-based fleet is not wise. 2 carriers or 1 carrier with a few catapult equipped non-carriers will be sufficient.

Elgava: Kretchet, Zarnica, Grif, Orlan, Berkut, Skoryi

Nova Nacio: Majesto, Komandi, Dividi

Nacio: Korekta, Lanterno, Kometo, Manovro, Intrigo, Nadlo

Zenito: EA-0116, EA-0119, EA-0120, EIT-2000, EIT-1000, EOF-005, EOF-004

Lugovalos: Druantia, Murigen, Bandua

Adis: Zeeh, Nachin