Achieve notoriety Rank 1. 294000 credits.

In-game description.Edit


Valantin the Pirate's ship. It is equipped with its own Void Gate frame, making it possible for the Corsair to warp whenever and wherever Valantin wants. It is also loaded with a High-Stream blaster, a type of anti-matter cannon as its main weapon.

Ship stats.Edit

Class: Battleship.

  • Anti-Air: 30
  • Anti-Ship: 90
  • Cruise Speed: 140
  • Battle Speed: 132
  • Mobility:: 36
  • Armor: 130
  • Durability: 12000
  • Attack Range: 18000
  • Crew Required: 1800
  • Crew Currently: 1400
  • Customizable Weapons: 4/5: XL,L,M,M
  • Module Space: 78 (8 bridge, 9 engine, 8 catapult)
  • Fighter Capacity: Yes.
  • Special: High Stream Blaster


As noted above, the Corsair is Valantin's flagship, and is notoriously powerful, with some of the highest stats and module space in the game. Its Special attack, the High Stream Blaster, allows for effective back-row sniping tactics, and is devastating to all but end-game bosses. Not without drawbacks, the Corsair is staggeringly expensive, and the required rank to unlock it keeps the iconic vessel out of reach for many players, leading the ship to being a trophy, rather than a feasible addition. Regardless of its difficult acquisition, the Corsair is a valuable prize and well worth the effort, should you not mind the hours of grinding it will require.

The Corsair itself is a shout out to the popular '70s anime space opera "Space Battleship Yamato" (known in the West as "Star Blazers"), while Valentin is a reference to the main character of Yamato 's sister series, "Space Pirate Captain Harlock".
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