Basic Tactics for Wining

As the start of every battle, you should notice these things :

- Attack Range (Both Maximum and Minimum)

+ For example, if you have better attack range than enemy, keep the range and you will win. BattleShip has the longest range of all, but lacks of accuracy and continous hit

+ Some bosses have powerful weapon, long range, but unusuable at short range. Try to close the distance and you should win.

- Stop your enemy from moving

+ Sending out air craft prevent enemy from moving. Giving you opportunity to move close to them as well as testing out their weapon range . Some enemy will wait for you to attack before counter back with barrage

+ This too, work useful when hijack a cargo ship. When you defeat a cargo ship via melee battle, you will gain more G

+ When enemy is forced into anti-air mode, they won't be able to defend themself from barrage attack . Be sure to check your enemy status . Some boss will stop aa mode to go into dogde mode despite having attacked by Air unit

+ The more Air unit you have, the better the damage . The more time you sent them into the battle, the weaker their attack become . Leave them some time to recover . Check out "CA" status under your carriers in battle .The number next to them tell how many air units ready for battle .

- When flagship is upgraded , please note that the blueprint for that flagship also upgraded as well .

+SCI status makes upgrade available much faster . When you build a new ship, try to install as much SCI module , make it flagship, and travel around to have new upgrade .

+ The number of planets traveled to counts, not the distance . The more planet you travel to, the quicker it is for flagship to be upgraded .

- Formation

+ Ship in same line will get hit by multiple-hit weapons |

+ Ship that line up in straight line will get hit by Special 3 _

+ Formation Foe is a useful command skill, help you to get rid of low hp carrier at the back line and make enemy suffer more from Special 3 , Special 1 and Barrage attack .