Ch7-2 - michijoabato
Michijo Abato

Database Summary

An infamous pirate who is always at the top of the rankings. Michijo bears a strong grudge against Nova Nacio, and when the Irvest War broke out, he decided to side with Kalymnos.




Abato is an infamous Pirate in the SMC. "The Falko Incident" directly affected him... his relatives were aboard the civilian Kalymnos Transport that the Nova Nacion military mistook for an ambush. He sides with Kalymnos during the war. He doesn't care who he kills, and he has no honor in battle. He fights like he has nothing to lose.


If you side with Kalymnos, you will have to fight him to prevent "Plan R" from killing millions of innocent civilians. Abato is quite bitter over the deaths of his family. His ship has no fighters, but has a hell of alot of hitpoints. It also does quite a bit of damage with his special attack.

Torlo absconds with blueprints for this ship when Yuri becomes a man, turning them over when you return from scouting out the Lugovalos controlled SMC.